Review: VaVa Vape

VaVa Vape Brings Vaping to Myrtle Beach

“Vaping” is a craze that is starting to pick up momentum in main-stream America. Just last year if you were to pull out your personal vaporizer (PV) in public you’d be met with awkward stares and questions like “what the heck is THAT?” Now though, vaping is starting to catch on and you can’t go many places where you won’t find someone tooting on their PV.

vava vapeI started vaping almost two years ago and if I wanted to get supplies I had to order them online or drive almost an hour away. Thankfully, VaVa Vape is a brand new store located in the heart of Myrtle Beach and they sell everything from mods and juice to complete kits and lanyards.

The staff at VaVa Vape is very helpful and friendly. This is important because those new to vaping often have a lot of questions and the technology behind can be confusing if you’re just starting out. They’ll explain things like variable voltage, mods, atomizers and other technical issues so you know how to use your new equipment. They will even recommend the perfect set up for you, opting to give you good advice instead of trying to sell you the most expensive items they have.

They have a wide selection of flavors and sell them in various nicotine levels. The best part is you can sample any of their flavors before you buy them. The process is simple: They give you a disposable rubber tip to fit onto their PVs (for sanitation) and you just let them know which flavor you’d like to try. I’ve spent almost an hour in one one visit just trying out different flavors and talking with the staff. Right now I’m vaping Blueberry Waffle and I’m loving it!

For being such a new store they already have a pretty hard-core following and many happy customers. If you want to stop by and check out their store for yourself you can get the contact info here.

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